Completing a product means delivering it to production in such a way the builder requires. We make sure building methods and assembly suits the builder and that process runs through the entire development. We deliver products where all aspects of systems, assembly, finish and tooling is carefully thought through.


CAD and production


Every manufacturer has their way of producing and their own definition of what is right and what is wrong. We make sure that our engineering suites your facilities and production lines. 


Information model


Instruction manuals, interactive manuals, information about installed products, bill of material (BOM) etc. Everything you need to know about your product, either as manufacturer or end user, it is here.  


Production planning and follow ups


We, as designers and engineers, know almost every detail of the product. It is crucial to communicate this information in such a way that production can move along efficiently. We don't leave you with just a set of drawings, we are happy to help, discuss and optimize together. This way we will also have improved before the next project.